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How long can I receive the product I ordered?

Generally we’ll arrange the shipping within 7-20 days after your payment complete.

If the product is lack of stock, the website will leave you a message and will arrange the item within one day once the product is in warehouse and restocked.

If it is a preselling product, we’ll arrange the shipping according to the scheduled time.


How to track your order?

If the product you ordered is shipped by Amazon, you can log in your Amazon account and check it in “My Order”

If it is shipped by us, we’ll send you the tracking number and update information in time.


Why hasn’t my product been sent?

We may not have arranged the product if your payment has failed. In this case, please contact us to confirm and complete your purchase.

We may not ship your product in time because of lack of stock or it is still the preselling stage. Please look carefully before you placing your order. Don’t worry, we’ll arrange shipping once we have your product in stock or as scheduled. You can also get help from our online services.


What should I do?I can’t track the shipping information on amazon though the order have showed to be shipped.

It may be caused by wrong shipping information or it is delayed by the post office. Please contact us by and we’ll help you fix the problem.

It may be delayed in a certain area due to the long dispatch time of remote areas or post office’s low efficiency in the high peak of shipping. You can call the post office to learn the specific status of your order.

It may have been shipped, but the shipping information may not be updated in time. You can call the post office to know where your package is located.

If you don’t receive the item and the shipping information isn’t updated for an extended period, it may be lost. Please contact with your order receipt and you will receive a replacement after confirmation.


What should I do if the goods I received are damaged on the road?

Don’t worry.You can take a photo or video to show the problems about the damaged product,and contact at the first time.We will deal with this issue as soon as possible.If the product is prove to be not man-made destruction,we will send a replacement to you.


We are strive to improve our service,please feel free to contact us when you have problems with shipping.

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